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A Human Dentist wants to talk to you about your pet……

I-20 ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTERDid you know that 70% of all dogs and cats over 7 years of age have periodontal disease? Dental care is just as important for your four legged family member as it is for you. They share many of the same dental problems that we have: periodontal disease, cavities, abscesses, tumors, cysts and the like. In fact, their oral cancer rate is over ten times that of humans. Because of this, they need the special training of a veterinary dentist, the same as you do from your personal dentist.

At I-20 Animal Medical Center, we take our obligation for total care seriously. It is the only animal hospital in the State of Texas that has both a Fellow in the Academy of Veterinary Dentist and a human dentist on staff to treat your pet.

We believe that every pet deserves medicine this advanced.

Dr. Bonnie BloomDr. Bonnie Bloom completed her residency in Veterinary Dentistry in 2002. She is one of the premier practitioners in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Her practice is limited to dentistry so that gives her the opportunity to be the best in a single area rather than trying to cover multiple disciplines. She has co-authored numerous books, articles and recently lectured to the Veterinary Dental Forum in Boston by invitation. Dr. Bloom has also taught hands on courses as well as lectures to hundreds of area veterinarians.

She is joined in her practice by Dr. Ken Karger, a recently retired human dentist, who has won numerous international awards for advanced cosmetic dentistry. He was the official dentist for Miss Texas for over a decade and his patients included many of the rich and famous. Dentistry for animals tweaked his interest and he has become passionate about helping animals the way he helped humans for over 25 years.

Dr. Bloom and Dr. Karger have developed, in joint cooperation, numerous techniques for creating radical changes in veterinary dentistry. New techniques for jaw fracture repairs, crown preparations as well as root canal treatments. No other team in the Dallas/Fort Worth area has this type of expertise. They are unifying human and veterinary dentistry techniques to achieve the best of both worlds.

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